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Galim Productions


Galim Productions Ltd. is a multifaceted company involved in stage shows, television productions, commercials and digital platforms as well as the development, management, consulting and production of cultural and artistic events.

The Tel Aviv-based company was founded in 1995 by Freddy Zyskrot and Shuki Gur.


Galim Productions Ltd. has been responsible for bringing numerous entertainers to Israel, producing shows for adults, young audiences and children. The company has brought shows such as Casi Angeles, Fuerza Bruta, Lord of the Dance, Disney on Ice and more.


Galim Productions also specializes in bringing large-scale exhibitions to Israel, such as The Bodies Exhibition which was recently displayed at the Tachana in Tel Aviv and an immense Salvador Dali exhibition of over 500 original paintings, shown at the Haifa Congress Center.


The company operates extensively in South America and Spain, bringing Latin artists from throughout these countries. Galim Productions Ltd. also specializes in the sale of content from Latin countries, providing foreign content to Channel 2, Channel 10, The Kids’ Channel, Walla, Orange, Pelephone, YES VOD and HOT VOD.


The company produces television shows and series for various broadcast networks in Israel as well as productions for digital platforms in Israel and South America.


At Galim Productions Ltd. we make sure to stay current and up-to-date, constantly visiting and participating in television and digital platform exhibitions and conferences around the world.

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